What is Extended Care?


It is ongoing assistance. It becomes necessary when there is a need for care, caused by either physical or cognitive impairments that prevent an indvidual from being able to care for themselves.

The Real Impact!


You, or a loved one may not need this type of coverage. Still, we believe it is necessary when approaching retirement to consider the real impact. The main reason is that physical or cognitive impairments have a devastating impact on you and your loved ones — many may be unable to keep financial promises due to an impairment.

Important Questions:


Give these question some thought: If you need extended care, how might that impact your spouse and adult children? How might that impact your ability to meet financial commitments? How does that impact your family emotionally & physically?

Likelihood of Impairment


According to The National Long-Term Care Clearinghouse:

About 70% of individuals over age 65 will require at least some type of long-term care service during their lifetime. Over 40% will need care in a nursing home for some period of time. Women need care for longer, (on avg. 3.7 years) than do men (on avg. 2.2 years).

Prevent and Protect 


A physical or cognitive impairment has devastating consequences for your family. Most of us believe it won't happen to us. We have good health today, but that could change tomorrow. Please reach out to us to learn about a new option that provides peace of mind for your family.

Short Video: New Extended Care Solution