Health-care costs have been steadily increasing. Without health insurance coverage, you may run into financial trouble in the event of a serious health problem or accident.


We will help you navigate the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and inform you of the pros and cons of the different insurance policies available in Idaho.


Talk to us if you have questions regarding subsidies, penalties, or enrollment. For a list of Idaho insurance companies and more information please click the button to the right.


Life insurance is an essential financial planning tool. It is a financial instrument that allows you to protect your family and loved ones from an unexpected loss; it can also be used for business and estate planning.

We work with over 25 life insurance companies. As an independent company we will research to find the best life insurance company and policy to meet your needs. Life insurance is a key part of your financial strategy. Since it is a long-term strategy, we  seek to find the best value for each of our clients. We will always provide you with a realistic idea of the cost from the beginning to help you identify the most ideal option for your family or business.



Disability Insurance is one of the most important financial protection tools available. Often times your income is the most valuable asset you have. Disability insurance protects your family or business if you are unable to do your job. Just as with life insurance, we work with a large number of independent disability insurance companies to get the best value. We can help you understand the pros and cons of short term, and long term disability coverage.



Extended Care is ongoing assistance. It becomes necessary when there is a need for care, caused by either physical or cognitive impairments that prevent an indvidual from being able to care for themselves.


A physical or cognitive impairment has devastating consequences for your family. Most of us believe it won't happen to us. And that is true today, but what if it isn't tomorrow? Please reach out to us to learn about a new option that provides peace of mind for your family.



Having dental insurance makes it easier to be proactive with your dental health.


We can help you find dental plans that will ensure that you get the preventive care that you need in order to prevent expensive problems later in your life.


Because we are an independent firm, we can shop for a dental plan in Idaho that best meets your needs and we help you fill out the necessary paperwork.



Having vision insurance ensures that you get the  professional attention that you need to take good care of your eyes. Vision insurance also helps you to manage the cost of eye exams and prescription glasses or contacts. Our clients that carry vision insurance are evidently more likely to see their eye doctor regularly.


Because we are an independent firm, we will make you aware of the vision plans that are available to you that best meets your needs. Let us help you fill out the necessary paperwork. For more information on one of our stand alone vision plans please click the button to the right.